Web Dispatching

Electronic log book.

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Thanks to this application you can comfortably monitor your vehicles via your smartphone or tablet. Web Dispatching application will provide you with current information about the status and position of the company vehicles with the option to display them on the map. Web Dispatching also offers access to the log book, cost overview, information about OBD diagnostics and notifies of necessary vehicle inspections.


“Using satellites, our company has been monitoring the speed of about 20,000 vehicles for 6 years now, as well as their fuel consumption and quantity of emissions released. Similar services are used primarily by companies that have their company vehicles monitored.

Michal Poláček, iDnes.cz

“Companies want to work at the lowest costs possible and systems of bidirectional communication that can show the location of a vehicle and at the same time send the driver a message, make such savings possible. “Money that would otherwise be spent on vehicle’s fuel or would go to the pocket of mobile operators will not be lost that way.

Milan Novotný, AutoRevue.cz