NFC Profiles for SVC

Plugin for Smart Volume Control+ enabling use of NFC tags.

4.9 stars on Google Play

NFC Profiles for SVCGoogle Play4.9

This plugin allows you to use NFC tags to switch sound profiles and a lot of other settings. You do not need to write anything on them and it is also possible to use the previously registered tags.


“A new creation of Czech developers once again pushes possibilities of the Android operating system a bit further. Actually, it will be difficult to search for a more sophisticated application for managing profiles with a wide range of bonus features.”

Martin Pavlovič,

“No more Star Trek communicator noises at weddings and funerals! (Is that just me?)”

Jeremiah Rice,

This gives you total control over volumes on your device.”

Ron Richards, All About Android

As I keep saying, if you’re somebody who – like me – listens to a lot of music, it can be a little difficult to either filter the noise through or drown it altogether. For instance, on the train home form work, you want to listen to music and not be bothered for a little bit but, if you were to miss a call from the wife – that could land you in trouble. With SVC you can filter it all out while being selective as well, unfortunately though, this leaves you with no excuse to forget the milk on the way home. If you’re fed up of having to watch your phone’s every move when it comes to your volume then grab hold of control and take your phone back through SVC. For those who follow routines, setting SVC once will be enough for it to make a difference. Certainly worth the money and definitely something you should try out.”

Tom Dawson,